Being a housewife is meaningless

I don’t know at how many job interviews I’ve been asked what I’ve done for a few years that there’s was no job history for. Like the “jobless gap”. And I’ve always answered that I was a housewife and the income my husband made was enough for us. But they’ve never liked that answer.

Being a housewife used to be a good role not so long ago. It meant that you were fully dedicated to your husband, your house, and children (if you had any). It’s a constant job that never ends because even if you work (which I do now), most women still have to keep their house tidy and dinner made. When I dedicated my life to that role 24/7, it was a full time job. I’d spend hours in the kitchen, hours cleaning, and hours taking care of my son, until my husband came home so that I could go back to cooking and cleaning. Yet, to the business world (working world) – at least in my experience with hiring personnel – they dislike those “gaps of no employment.” I’m sure most of them couldn’t even handle the way that I keep my house clean or the complex menu I always maintain. Nobody should look down on a housewife. It’s one of the most respectful and admirable jobs I know.

I’m sure some people think of lazy or irresponsible when someone says they’ve been a housewife because there are some women who are exactly that. They claim to be a housewife but they don’t clean, they don’t cook or rarely do, and they don’t provide the attention and education a child needs. But I definitely shouldn’t be thrown into that boat because I take pride in my hard work and not just in school or work, but as a wife and mother as well. It’s so rewarding to be able to feed your family a delicious meal, or to have a spotless house. It boosts your energy and self-esteem. But it really ticks me off when an interviewer sighs, says a displeasing “Oh”, or shows negative body language once I tell them I was a housewife. And to make matters worse, if they were looking for someone with X amount of years working, and they have my resume at hand, then why would they even call me to waste my time. Seriously, read the resume before you call a person. I’m sure that’s not such a hard task!


An aggravated owl 🦉


Losing a Loved One 💔

There’s nothing harder in life than losing the ones we love to a notorious thief called Death. We are never truly prepared for that loss, not even if the one passing is of old age. The heart aches because there wasn’t enough time. There wasn’t a proper goodbye. Maybe it had been long since the last time we’d seen them or talk to them. Or maybe the last encounter wasn’t a pleasant one at all so we feel regret and shame on top of all the sorrow.

Life is so fragile! Even though we know that, some how we get so caught up in our daily lives that the forget it. We forget to be more forgiving. We forget to communicate more often. We forget to let go of our daily worries, and invest more time in those we love. Just because we leave the nest once we become adults doesn’t mean we don’t need to still always be there for those that have known us our entire lives. Those that have sacrificed so much for us, or have put us before themselves at different times.

I was raised to put family above all else. To never turn your back on them, unless they mean harm to you. To love them unconditionally and be there for them always, with open arms. I’ve sadly encountered very different family dynamics as an adult, not with my own family but with my in-laws and my friends families. But even with those differences that throughout time has affected individuals and family relationships, the heart still aches when someone you’ve known all your life passes.

Yesterday we received the news that my husband’s father passed away. And though I didn’t have a close relationship with him it still breaks my heart because he was a good father to all his children, and he was the only person that from Day 1 was nice, respectful, and loving to me. He never disrespected me or my husband. He never started any problems with us or alienated himself from us. He was a humble and kind person, and he will truly be missed. 💔

We get ready today to visit my in-laws and be there for one another on this hard chapter of their lives. Even a hard chapter in my life because as a wife it hurts to see the man you love crying, wishing things were different. I pray that my husband and all my in-laws find comfort and that they can grow stronger as a family. The past cannot be changed, the damage has already been done. All we can do is grow from it if we are willing and open to that. I hope that this time together will be used for grieving, not fighting or blaming. I know it’s hard to sometimes look past the hurt someone has done to us but for those of us that care. For those that truly in their hearts still have love for their family, don’t forget to tell them you love them. We are guaranteed one thing in life, and that’s death. We never know when it’ll come for us, so remember to not be afraid to show and tell someone that you love them.


Winter Owl ❄️🌛

Am I Good Enough?

That’s the question I secretly ask myself all the time.  I know I’m not the greatest human being.  I have more flaws than I can count – I get angered easily, I can be impulsive, I’m brutally honest, I’m grumpy (especially in the mornings), I’m stubborn, I’m overprotective, and the list goes on…  But I’m also compassionate, considerate, thoughtful, helpful, honest, loyal, respectful, loving, funny, courageous, and strong.  I’m always there for others when they need me, and I always go beyond what’s expected because when I love, I love deeply and truthfully.  But I guess that’s not enough for some people.

I hate being ignored!  It really depresses me when I text/email somebody and they completely ignore me.  Too often the excuse for not replying back is that they (1) are “too busy”, (2) they never received my message, or (3) they meant to but forgot to.  I’m sure things come up, things that are out of our control happen (like bad signal interferes with incoming/outgoing messages), but when this happens all the time and meanwhile you see them actively communicating with others through social media and meeting up with other friends and family members, then it naturally makes you feel like it’s not a coincidence.  

Is there something wrong with me?  Did I do something that offended them, that apparently I can’t recall?  Do I annoy them by reaching out “too often”?  Even though I only message them every few weeks because everyone needs their space and has their lives, so I’m not the type to talk on a daily basis or even on a weekly basis.  Is that a problem to some?  Like they want to talk more often?  So many questions but yet no answers.  I can’t read minds and I don’t like assuming so it’s hard to say what has made some friends and family members drift away from me.

I’ve messaged them when it’s their birthday to send them good wishes.  I message them on holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas to let them know that they are thought of and missed dearly.  I invite them to do fun things like go to the beach, go for a walk at a trail, go shopping, join me and my family on a holiday celebration, or to simply come over to my house to hangout.  I bring them gifts on special occasions such as the birth of a child, a baby shower, wedding, graduation, etcetera.  I know some of this may seem materialistic, but that’s one of the ways I show my loved ones that I care.  I like to do craft projects for gifts, or buy them things.  But I mostly love spending time with them whether face-to-face because they are near, or through messages when they are far.  

Have I changed?  Is that what bothers some of them?  We all change though, I mean that’s natural of life.  We don’t remain the same person we where back in elementary school or high school.  Life makes us grow and change whether we want that or not.  We get a serious romantic partner, we move in with them, we have kids, we choose a career that may or may not involve college, we create debt yet gain investments, we lose, we gain, we go through traumatic experiences or losses, all of which shape us into the people we are.  And the growing, the changing never stops.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I mean it would be horrible to be an immature, irresponsible, and naive individual your whole life.  But I’m sure not everybody got the “Wake up!  You’re an adult” call.  

I just simply wish people where more honest.  I know that’s probably a far-fetched dream but I could handle it so much better if this so called friend or family member (including in-laws) would simply tell me “Hey I didn’t message you back because I didn’t feel like it… I don’t think we click like we used to.” or something like that.  At least I could stop wondering.  There’s nothing wrong with a civil conversation were both parties say what’s on their mind and express their feelings so that neither one can be left clueless or hurting.  I am not the type to gossip, start drama, curse people out, or fight (verbally or physically).  That’s just not my thing, and who knows if that’s why honesty isn’t always used by people.  Maybe they fear my reaction or maybe they just simply lack a conscious, and would prefer to hurt me by stonewalling me.  I don’t know.

What’s even worse, is when you see them in real-person.  They act all cool and talkative like they haven’t been ignoring you for months or years.  And that in turn pisses me off even more because you get this weird vibe like they are forcing themselves, or their facial expressions wreak fakeness.  Sometimes a small glimpse of hope starts to form in your heart and mind, and so you decide to reach out to them after the in-person encounter, but guess what happens?  They ignore you yet again.  

In certain situations these friendships/relationships are easier to cut out of your life completely without it affecting you emotionally.  But when it comes to a friendship you’ve had for a long time, lets say over 10 years, it can hurt you deeply.  Or if it’s a family member (including an in-law), then it can also hurt or affect your interactions with multiple family members, including your spouse sometimes.  I’ve had plenty of problems with my in-laws over the past 7 years, and how one person feels about me has affected the opinions and feelings of how others see me and my husband.  But that’s another topic for another time.

For now, I want to wrap up this entry by saying that it sucks to be such a caring and sensitive person.  I hope someday soon I can move past all the heartless people who have hurt me in one way or another, and that I can grow stronger and wiser from all these experiences.  Good intentions don’t always lead to good outcomes, but if I can learn from life’s lessons, than at least it has served its purpose.


Winter Owl ❄️🌛

Sleepless Nights

Last night was one of them. My body is exhausted but my mind keeps racing. It likes to evaluate the things it would have liked to change and plan for the things that are yet to happen, if they even happen.

I hate being an anxious person. An OCD person. I’m constantly trying to be in control of everything that happens in my life. I yearn so badly for that careless spontaneous attitude. I know that I’m very responsible, punctual, and organized but the downfall is the drainage it induces on my overall health.

I don’t even remember what my mind was so caught up in. It’s exactly how they say – don’t spend so much energy worrying about petty stuff because tomorrow they’ll all be forgotten.

I’ve tried reading, ASMR videos, breathing exercises, melatonin, prayer, and counting sheep. Most of the time, when I’m anxious, that doesn’t work. Is there anything that does help you? I’d love to hear new ideas.


Winter Owl ❄️🌛

And so it begins

I wanted an outlet for the thoughts that trouble my mind.  I’m sure many would think a diary would suffice but a diary can’t talk back and it certainly wouldn’t be  any help to others who might be going through something similar.  So hopefully I don’t annoy many and am able to learn something new.

PS: I prefer keeping my information private (my identity, etc) as to protect myself and the people who are mentioned .  Also, any cyber bullies out there – if you don’t like the content on my page, please keep it moving!  ✌🏼


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